Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My own personal product reviews

I am elbow deep in spring cleaning so I thought I would try a few new things.  Proviso:  I am not getting any special perks from any company.  This is just one mama's honest opinion about a product I've just tried.

So I tried these cleaners under the brand of Method.  They are environmentally sound and tout their "greenness" so I decided to get these three.  There are a few others in the line, but I only got these.  Here's what I think.

This is the glass and surface cleaner.  I loved this product.  It has a lovely smell of mint and did a fine job on the mirrors.  The scent is very pleasant and refreshing.  I would definitely buy this again.

This is the all-purpose cleaner.  It has the scent of French lavender.  If you like lavender, this is very nice.  Again, it cleaned well and I liked it.  

This is the anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner.  I used it on my counters and it did clean  nicely.  However, the so-called lemon verbena scent was appalling.  It smells like lemon mixed with tea tree oil (maybe?) and mothballs(?).  My daughter described it as "bad breath."  I used it once and I really don't think I would ever use it again because I live my life through smell and this just did not appeal to me.  It did clean and I am sure it would knock out any germs.  I just can't have my space smelling like that.  Smell is subjective so if you like it, God bless you.  It just isn't for me.

I also found a new (to me) organizer.  Having my own backyard flock, I need lots of egg cartons and they can get quite messy and gross.  I found these bad boys at Target and I think I will love them.  They can be washed and reused.  I will probably get a few more, plus they look so nice.  Another problem I have with regular cardboard egg cartons is that sometimes my chickens lay huge eggs and they don't quite fit.  This organizer can hold any size egg.  I'm sold!

I hope you are doing well.  Have you started spring cleaning?  We are on day two and I'm miserable...oh well!  And we have a blizzard going on outside.  Enjoy your day!  Blessings!