Sunday, July 12, 2009

Powdery mildew and our dear zucchini

I decided to start blogging here because of all the great gardening blogs I follow here. I call my blog Zucchinimom because I am mom to a family who could literally eat their weight in zucchini!!!
On that note, we are engaged in a battle royale with powdery mildew on our zucchini. It is quite stressful to all of us; our beloved zucchini is under siege. So today I have started my battle plan against the fungus (I believe it is a fungus???). After reading many different homemade solutions, I have opted for the milk solution. You use 10% milk to water, and then you spray the leaves of your affected plants. I will keep you posted on this strategy to see if it works or not. Above I have the after and before picture (I'm trying to figure out the whole picture thing here; it's a bit different from other blogs). I thinned out a majority of the badly infected leaves. I have nine plants in total so maybe they needed a bit more room. The scientist in me is leaving some of the not-so-bad leaves around to see the difference that the milk solution makes. I will keep you all posted and let you know the results of my experiment...(insert evil laughter).
(Can anyone here tell me how to move my pictures around??? This isn't the easiest thing to figure out. I've already looked up on the help menu how to do this but nothing seems to work. Thanks!)

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