Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lofty Plans...

Does anyone recognize this spectacular palace?  It is in fact Hampton Court, which was the residence of King Henry VIII.  If you read the previous post, I talked about some exciting developments for my 16 year old daughter.  This is the exciting development...this is where she wants to go to school...in this building.  Is that not magnificent???  What school could possibly be housed in a palace, you ask?  Well, it has an amazing history and it is called the Royal School of Needlework.  It has a prestigious reputation and would be a fantastic place for her to learn and be immersed in such history.  My daughter has a passion for fashion and this would be a great avenue for her to pursue.  She is going to apply for their 2 year foundation degree program once she is done with school, then if she feels so inclined, she can do a third year which would have an emphasis on fashion and textiles.   I had heard of this school before, but never had any thoughts about it for my children.  It came up again last week and I thoroughly researched it and it seems to be the perfect fit for my daughter.  She does great embroidery and this would possibly give her a high-brow entrance into the fashion world.  Once this came up, I talked about it with my daughter the next morning.  She loved the idea and then I went to my part-time childcare job and a good friend of mine just found out she's going on a trip to England with her husband.  I told her all about this place and sent her questions to take to the school because she is in fact going to visit!  She is actually in England right now!  All this has progressed so quickly...we are continually researching and my daughter really wants to pursue this!

So, I have to sit down and realize that my daughter may be going to school in England...that she has to leave home...oh, my heart!!!  We are on spring break right now and she is looking for jobs.  She actually was offered a job without even applying just because we knew the person who is her neighbor.  All of these things are falling into place and I can see how exciting the future is for her...I have homeschooled her since third grade and these are the moments we have been preparing her for.  It's a bit scary.  As a high schooler, she's been doing a dual-enrollment program at a very good charter school and I don't regret it at all.  It's a hybrid program that's been started specifically for homeschoolers.  With all that said, all I can do now is to keep helping her go in the direction she wants to go and to pray.  God has orchestrated all this up to this point and we will continue to leave it in His hands.

If you are interested in information about the Royal School of Needlework, here is the link.  How have you dealt with your children leaving the nest and going to school???  This is my first child so I have three more to go, but the first one is really hard!  We still have two more years, but as you know, time flies! 

There's been the excitement for this week...I hope you are having a lovely week!  Blessings!

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