Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beans are coming in!

These are the lovely Royal Burgundy beans. They are a purple bush bean that was my oldest daughter's crop this year since her favorite color is purple!!! We picked only seven so far, but that is just the beginning! We have many more to come!!! The family stood around as we cooked them to watch the color change from purple to green!!! These are a great bean to have to get your kids interested in growing and eating beans! It's healthy and you have a little magic show to go with it!!! They were just tickled!

We did manage to get one zucchini so far (absolutely disappointing)! The tomatoes are starting to ripen...I can't wait to make salsa! The squashes are plugging along as well. We have pumpkins and yellow summer squash, and for the first time I'm growing dipper gourds. I'm way excited about that one! How is your garden growing???

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