Monday, December 17, 2012

Advent Calendars

I saw these in a magazine last year and decided I was going to make some for this year.  I bought the fabric and it really turned out nicely...except I have four children, but only had enough fabric to make three.

I stamped these with the numbers for each day.  I hung them with care (which was quite the ordeal because we couldn't get the Command hooks to work so we just put nails in the wall, argggghhh).

I had to figure out what to do for my son.  I am a hoarder of jeans...I have finished a picnic quilt, and I have many more to do so jeans are aplenty at my house.  My oldest daughter had a brilliant idea.  I actually had a ton of old jeans from my son when he was little, so we cut out 25 pockets and here's what we came up with.

They are all of his back pockets!!!

We glittered up some tags and stamped them.  We may throw in a couple of red ribbons to jazz it up a little more, but it really turned out fun.  I hope this gives you some ideas for next year.  What kind of advent calendar do you use?  I've seen tons of different ones on creative!!!!!


  1. What an absolutely AWESOME idea!!! I made an advent calender for my daughter a few years ago that was almost the size of her bedroom door - a big sheet of fabric that I sewed various sizes of red and green felt pockets onto. I used sticky felt numbers on them, but that was a bad idea because they kept falling off. I wish I'd sewn the numbers on before I had assembled it. I really like your idea though, and I was thinking I might do something different next year. Thanks for sharing!

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