Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl!?

I am a football fanatic.  I may be a woman, but I love football!!!!  I watch the pre-game specials, I like to hear every word of the national anthem, the half-time show is only there for spectacle (and shaking around in a swimsuit is not my cup of tea--I'd rather watch Downton Abbey), and the game itself is AWESOME!  Some people only like to watch the game for commercials.  I love the whole experience and this year, there was one commercial that just blessed my heart.  Paul Harvey spoke on how on the eighth day, God created the farmer.  It was a beautiful commercial that honored farmers.  Although it was for Dodge trucks, it spoke so much more about what a farmer is and it was so well done.  By far it was the best commercial out there! For all the farmers out there...on hundreds of acres in the country, on tiny plots in the city, to backyard farms in the suburbs...thank you Dodge for remembering those who truly are the backbone of this country!  If you haven't seen it, here it is from YouTube.


  1. Thank you! I didn't see it, but just came from Ann Voskamp's where she was referencing it.

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